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July 14th, 2007

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Moving the blog to this location. May be a few weeks before all content has been moved and updated. - Dr. Mike

BMX Superstar Ricardo Laguna

May 23rd, 2004

Ricardo is a BMX superstar and one of the most humble riders you’d ever meet.

Ricardo Laguna & Mike Dorausch

Ricardo is a hardcore BMX dirt rider. He has been riding BMX for more than a decade now and took on the honor of becoming the Best Latin-American Dirt Jumper of 2004. He has participated in the X Games, Core Tours, competed in numerous shows nation wide, and teaches at BMX clinics. Check out his website at:

Educational Posters

November 14th, 2003

The office is loaded with educational posters. When you are here take some time to check out the Healthy Garden poster. You’ll find it in a few different locations around the office.

healthy garden chiropractic

Features a good analogy between keeping your garden healthy and you nervous system healthy.

Birthday Party in Office

September 18th, 2003

We hosted a birthday party last week. Thanks for being there!

chiropractic birthday party

Mike Dorausch and Ryan Nyquist

September 14th, 2003

Hmmm, that guy looks alot like Ryan Nyquist getting a side posture chiropractic adjustment by Los Angeles chiropractor, Mike Dorausch.

Ryan Nyquist Mike Dorausch

Some of the worlds top BMX riders have received chiropractic care with Michael Dorausch.

Ryan Guettler and Michael Dorausch

August 14th, 2003

 Guettler is off the wall!

Ryan Guettler is one of the worlds top BMX Dirt and Freestyle riders. He has won numerous Action Sports competitions and he just happens to be pictured here sitting on an adjusting table with chiropractor, Michael Dorausch.

Photo taken in Venice Beach, CA.

Dr Mike with Crazy Kids

July 13th, 2003

The infamous photo of me in the front office with two crazy kids!

chiropractor kids

Mr. Dodger wearing shirt does not seem too crazy but don’t let that stunned look fool you!

Top Ten Reasons to get adjusted at ADIO Chiropractic

April 9th, 2003

For those that have been to our office you have no doubt read our “Top Ten” list. Thought we would share it online…

Top ten reasons to get adjusted at ADIO Chiropractic.

  1. You can’t lick your own elbow
  2. You have kids
  3. You are having kids
  4. You are a kid
  5. Your body feels 10 years older than you
  6. You drive in traffic
  7. You drive on Lincoln Blvd.
  8. You have insurance
  9. You don’t have insurance
  10. Your neck is sore from trying to lick your elbow

See you in the office!

Venice Canals Sherman

November 11th, 2002

This bridge is used often in films and commercials.

venice canals sherman

Nearly every time I go by there are tourists getting their photos taken there. Picture does no justice. You have to hear and feel the peacefulness of the canal area to really appreciate it.

Green Mile Girls

October 4th, 2002

Two of my nieces, Bailey and Evanne. They were the girls in the film “The Green Mile” with Tom Hanks and Michael Clarke Duncan.

green mile girls
 Who is their favorite chiropractor?